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When working with with clients one on one, I find people often make fastest progress when we use IFS (Internal Family Systems, google it!), which is extremely powerful and effective at working with a wide variety of issues, and can actually be a lot of fun. The length of treatment and frequency of our sessions varies from person to person, and in the end, you get to decide what works best for you.


I have extensive experience in the use of psychedelic medicines for mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and healing, so whether you’re just thinking about dipping a toe into the world of psychedelics, or you’re an experienced psychonaut looking for assistance with integrating experiences and insights into daily life, I am available to support you on your healing adventure.


Whether you’ve been together a few months or a few decades, relationships can get rocky, especially under stress. Couples can sometimes get stuck in in unsatisfying ruts, cycles, and patterns and it can be hard to get out without outside support.
In my work with couples I tend to use mainly IFIO, a derivative of IFS specifically designed for couples, and also borrow from PACT and other modalities. Most couples I've worked with have begun noticing significant changes for the better within just a couple sessions.


Many of us did not grow up with perfect parents, and as a result find it challenging to feel safe and experience deep trust and intimacy in our relationships. Together, we can begin to write a new story, and to invite deeper trust in self and other, and increased discernment about the difference between healthy and toxic relationships.

Trauma is extremely common, and when it gets stuck in our system, can wreak havoc on our ability to enjoy our lives and relationships. The process of healing from trauma is one of liberation and an increased sense of ownership of oneself and authorship over one's life story. Having the guidance and support of an experienced practitioner in this process is sometimes crucial. I've worked with a wide variety of traumatic experiences and have helped clients heal and move on in ways they never imagined possible.