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Services Offered

Individual Counseling

There are so many wonderful therapists out there… What makes me different? 

I’ll begin by admitting I’m not the best fit for everyone, and finding someone that you feel safe with is key. The best way to find out if I’m the right therapist for you, is to come in for a free initial session and feel things out for yourself.

In terms of the work, I find most clients make the fastest progress when we use IFS (Internal Family Systems, google it!), which is extremely powerful and effective at working with trauma, and can actually be a lot of fun (yes, therapy can be fun!). In addition to IFS, I’m trained in a variety of other modalities and submodalities and often borrow from them as needed. 

I also have extensive experience in the use of psychedelic medicines for psychological growth and healing, so whether you’re just thinking about dipping a toe into the world of psychedelics, or you’re an experienced psychonaut, I am available to support you down your path.

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Couples Counseling

Whether you’ve been together a few months or a few decades, relationships can get rocky, especially under stress. Couples often feel like they’re trapped in a never-ending cycle of fighting or miscommunication, both desperately searching for another way, but feeling pulled into the same pattern again and again. 
I’m here to tell you things absolutely can change for the better. A few months of support from a well trained couples counselor can make a huge difference. I tend to use mainly IFIO, a derivative of IFS specifically designed for couples, and borrow from PACT and other modalities. I’d love to meet with you for a free initial session to see if I'm the best counselor to support you on your path towards more relationship satisfaction.

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2299 Pearl St.
Boulder, CO 80302


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